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At RB Enterprises we provide the latest HP and Sun equipment, TAC4 rack solutions, rack mounted monitors, tape drives, disk drives, faster CPU's, new flat panel displays, or even TAC3 CPU upgrades and disk drives, RB Enterprises can be your one stop shop for your system needs. 

We are knowledgeable and experienced with system upgrades and repairs on Navy tactical systems, and provide quick turnaround on both new system orders and repairs. We understand the Navy's ILS system, and make sure that you receive the proper and compliant part the first time.
RB Enterprises is pleased to announce our continued support of the U.S. Navy's TAC4 computers following the warranty expiration in January of 2001. 
We have been providing hardware systems, support, parts and repairs for computer systems based on the TAC4, TAC3, and DTC2 systems at the lowest overall cost for over 12 years.
A small business located in San Diego, RB Enterprises can provide contractual vehicles for your larger orders, we accept the government IMPAC card, and can ship most orders 3 to 5 days ARO, Next day delivery or same day pickup is also available for selected items. If you have trouble finding a 2gb or 9gb fwd disk drive, VME processor card, or other TAC4 product, please feel free to contact us at (858) 678-0201.
We offer the following advantages for Navy, Federal Government, and Sun or HP Unix workstation users.
* We specialize in hard to find parts 
* In stock 10,000+ piece inventory 
* Same day shipping on many items 
* Mastercard / Visa acceptance and contracts for large orders 
* Rugged as well as non rugged systems 
* ILS compliant parts 
* One to three year warranty available

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